maanantai 29. toukokuuta 2017

The last couple of weeks have gone frustraitingly fast and i can't believe i will have to leave soon.
At the moment i have only around two days left and it feels so weird. I'm so used to being and living here now that going back to Helsinki feels kind of wrong in a way. When i had my holidays off work i went back home for a week but it was all good because i knew i would return almost immidiately but this time it's a bit different. Don't get me wrong i'm also excited to go back home but it's just this kind of a melancholic feeling that i have when the idea of leaving all of this behind comes to my mind. 
I know i will miss Berlin a lot. I will miss the vibe of this city and the way it makes me feel. The only thing that i won't miss though are the crazy amounth of spiders the summer has brought into my house (i truly hate those scary lil s**** full heartedly) Also living alone is something that i will miss a ton because i got so used to having my own space and peace. We will see how soon i will move out when i get back home :D...
But yeah anyways, off to the good news we go! The company that i'm currently working for offered me a possible chance to come back here starting on septermber. It wouldn't be like a full time job for a long time but more like 5-6 hours a day on 4-5 days a week. That would start on september when the peak time starts properly once again and it would end around the x-mas time. I'm still considering whether i should take the job or not, but because i don't really have any other plans anyway, it's sounds like a nice opportunity for me to take. And i wouldn't mind coming back to Berlin again for a little while.
So we will see what the future holds, you never know.. All i know at the moment is that i have only a short time left of my internship and i'm trying to get the most out of whilist stressing out if my suitcase is going to be too heavy for me to take with me into the plane. I mean, what are the chances after all.. When i came here my suitcase weighted 22,4kg and the limit was 23kg. Fingers crossed it has lost some weight since then.

keskiviikko 12. huhtikuuta 2017

Busy Berlin

Hi you! :)
Time has been flying and it's getting quite busy at work which has been a nice change compared to how it was at the office when i first started.
I haven't been that good recently when it comes to keeping this blog up to date.. I mean now that it's beginning to feel like spring/summer again i have just been going to places and exploring the surroundings of the close by neighbouroods.
Anyways, a couple of things have happend since i last wrote. 1. My mom came over 2. I went to a meet up and made some new friends which was very much needed 3. I went to Hamburg 4. My friend from one of the the hostfamilies i have lived with came over to see me after not seeing her for the last 4 years aand numero cinco i went to Finland for a holiday. So yeah there has been something interesting happening pretty much at least a couple of times a week and it has kept me busy.

My mom came over at the start of this month with her friend and they stayed for like a long weekend. It was nice to have them here and show them around but because my mom is a typical caring mother who likes to fuss (a lot), it was sometimes a bit nerve-racking especially after gaining a lot of independence and so called "own space" now that i have been here for some months now.

Secondly i would like to recommend an app called Meet Up to anyone who's planning on moving abroad by themselves for a while because being alone can sometimes be pretty boring. And even if you are not planning on moving, it's just a really nice and cool way to meet new people no matter where you are in the world. I first heard about the Meet Up app only six months ago when we were in London with our class mates. During one of the company visits that we did, we were able to ask the workers a ton of questions and someone asked them about how they first started meeting new people and making friends after moving to a different country where no one really knows you. One of them recommended Meet Up and i can see why. I went to my first meet up a couple of weeks ago on a sunday. And first i was really hesitant and didn't want to go because the whole idea just seemed a bit funny to me. But then i luckily managed to motivate myself and i had a lot of fun. I think it was all in all around 16 girls who came (this meet up was for girls only) to the coffee shop so you can pretty much just imagine what it was like trying to communicate with all of them at the same when the others are doing the exact same thing. It was looooouud. But it was super nice and everyone got on very well and after chatting to each other for around 3-4 hours we decided to create a Whatsapp group and now we all have been keeping in touch and doing some things together like going to listen to some live music, bars and so on :)

Then on one friday my co-workers and i took the train to Hamburg and we spent pretty much the whole day there viewing some hotels. It was a really nice change to the usual office work, plus we were really lucky with the weather. We also managed to have a bit of time off, during which we for example took the ferry to Haven City and we went to see and experience the Elbphilharmonie concert hall. Inside of the building we had a really nice lunch and we also got to see some nice views from the rooftops. Hamburg was soo pretty and seeing the Elb river made me kind of miss Helsinki because i'm so used to seeing the sea almost like everyday. Here in Berlin i feel like the only water-like thing i have seen during my time being here are just the bottles of water i have had and the random puddles on the streets. Anyway, anyhow it was a really long day. We left from the Berlin Hauptbahnhof at 07:40 in the morning and we arrived back around 20:30.

When i got back to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof i had to wait for around 30-45 minutes for my friend to arrive. She had been travelling for the past 5-6 hours all the way from Dillenburg to see me. The last time i saw her was in 2013 i think so it was really nice to finally be reunited with her. It was her first time in Berlin so i pretty much took her to every possible sight there is to see in the city. We had a lot of fun together so i felt a bit sad when she had to leave on sunday, the two days went past way too quickly.

And well yeah last week i had my one week holiday which i used by going back home for a week. I didn't really feel the need to go back home for that time as if i had been homesick or something, but i had some things that needed to be sorted out which couldn't be handled all the way from Germany so that's why i went. On the friday that i left i got to have a day off as well so during the day i went to the close by canal to get some tan because it was like 22 degrees. And on the same friday morning sent me a picture of how much it had snowed in Helsinki on the previous night ( the main reason why i considered leaving my plane ticket unused). My mom had no idea that i would be coming home so it kind of worked as a suprise for her as well. When i got to the airport in Helsinki it felt so weird to be back and to see my friend who came to pick me up. It was also fucking freezing not gonna lie. Soo i kind of wanted to go back to Berlin straight away but oh well.. Anyways, i had a fun weekend with my friends and i got to sort out the things that needed to be sorted out but then on tuesday i got really ill and i basically had to lay in my bed untill it was time for me to go back to Berlin. Lucky me...  and it still hasn't gotten any better.
Aaaand that's about it i think or at least i feel like i have been rambling on this post for way too long.
I hope i will manage to keep on posting more regularly so that i don't have to write there bibble long blogposts ever again..

- Krista x

perjantai 24. helmikuuta 2017

One month update.. a bit late

I have been here for a bit over a month now and i feel like the time has just flown by. Or at least kind of, i will have to admit that there have been days that have felt like weeks. But anyways, i have been quite busy at work and getting to know the city. I also had a friend visiting me three weeks ago and my cousin visited me last week. It's been nice to have some company from back home because they kind of make Berlin feel a bit homey to me.
Also the spring is slowly but surely starting in here and it's lovely how it is still light outside after i get to go home from work. The sun is shining, it's a lot of warmer and there are a lot of birds singing pretty much in every corner you walk across. And the best part, no snow!

Potsdamer Platz
Mall Of Berlin
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Signs at the Brandenbuger Tor
East Side Gallery
East Side Gallery 

(Side note: If you are planning doing a trip to the East Side Gallery anytime soon, just be aware that the walls are currently covered with fences because of some construction work and to protect the art work from random, not so nice looking, tags).
Kreuzberg hoods
On a roof top in Mitte
One of the many murals in Berlin
Little sweet reminders close to Alexanderplatz (these are everywhere)
The park that i like to call my backyard
Probably the best thai green curry i have ever had
Views from the ParkInn hotel on Alexanderplatz,
bungee jumping also possible from here ;)
More rooftops
This week has probably been the hardest one yet because i got really sick on last monday and i have been very ill since then. Read: i have stayed in bed from monday evening until friday morning. It's been one hell of a week but luckily i'm currently feeling a bit more cheery and not so zoned out. I have also experienced a lot more homesickness during this week than during this whole time i have been here, but i think it has a lot to do with falling ill all of the sudden and not having anyone to take care of you. But yeah the current homesickness made me have a change of plans and i started to think it would be nice to go home for a week when i have my one week off from work. We will see what happens. I did find some flights with really decent prices but i will have to figure out a good timing workwise with my boss, though i would be really intrigued to go at the end of next month (:

maanantai 30. tammikuuta 2017

Lovely time with strangers

Last weekend was a really much needed one. It was so lovely to finally have some time for myself and to do something different than sitting in an office in front of a computer for what sometimes feels like an eternity.

On saturday i woke up at a ridiculous time, i think it was around 6am or something, and i just thought to myself oh wow my sleeping pattern is actually pretty on point but then i continued sleeping and ended up waking up sometime after nine. I had a nice breakfast and i enjoed my coffee without feeling too rushed or tired. Aaaand let me just tell you, it was so relaxing after a really busy and stressful week.

Not even after the first 24 hours of being in Berlin i got pretty desperate to find some new people to hang out with so i found this group on Facebook that has been made for the new people in Berlin to make friends and to find company. After i was accepted in the group by the lady who had invented the whole thing i decided i would write a little something on there and just see what happens. Suprisingly to me there was a lot of people getting back to me. One of them was this girl called Loubna who was born in Morrocco but currently lives in Belgium.

After talking with her for a bit, we decided we would meet during the weekend because of my lack of free time during the week. We finally met then on saturday around 2pm at Alexanderplatz and then we just went from there for a little stroll (read 7 hours:'D) around the city and we did some sightseeing, shopping and had dinner together. I was suprised how easy it was for me (i have my shy moments) to go and meet someone who i didn't know at all. But we got on really well and there were no awkward nor silent moments between us.

We actually got on so well that we decided to meet up again the next day. This time though we were joined by a british girl from the same hostel Loubna was staying at. Later on the day the three of us met up with a girl who's half french half welsh and with a boy who's halfly from the philiphines and halfly from Saudi Arabia. We had a pretty international posse thing going on there, but it was so nice and everyone was so friendly and interested in each of ours stories of how and why we ended up in this beautiful and diverse city of Berlin. It was also nice to hang out with people who are in the same exact situation, living in a unfamiliar city with not too many friends.

As it got later we all got pretty hungry and thirsty for the german beer (not that big of a fan myself) so we found this really cool place in Rosenthaler Platz called Transit in which we ended up spending a couple of hours just having chats about all of the possible things you could talk about. So yeah last weekend all in all was pretty awesome and i met a lot of lovely people. It's too bad that Loubna and the british girl had to leave today to go back home but we made a deal that if they were to come back during the time i'm still here, we would definately meet again (:

Here's a couple pics from last saturday and sunday (:

keskiviikko 25. tammikuuta 2017

First week is almost behind

I have been here for six days now and it's has been quite challenging, weird, busy and nice at the same time. The challenges that i have come across whilst being here are the typical cultural diffences and the ways things work in everyday life. It's also going to take me a while to get used to the language. Eventhough i have studied german since i was 9 years old (10 years of studies all in all) it's still so damn hard to get it out of my mouth. I guess this is the typical finnish "gene thing" in me that won't allow me to speak  a language because you might make some mistakes when talking to a native speaker..  I understand pretty much everything i hear or at least so that i can easily "put the pieces together" and figure out what's going on and what people around me are talking about. For now i have been using english for almost all of the conversations i have had. I do use german for the little things and sayings, like when i'm greeting someone or saying thanks and what not. 

Livingwise then, i have realized that living alone can sometimes get a bit lonely, especially when you are used to a really social lifestyle. Back home i'm used to a life in which i'm always surrounded by people. In the mornings i would wake up at home and i would have my mom and our dog there, then i would go to school and spend the school day with my school mates. After that i would go to work and the rest of the day would be filled with different, both known and unknown, customers and before i would even realize i would be back at home with my mom and dog and then the hours left of that particular day would be spent by sleeping, and probably having a dream filled with different kind of people i had met during that day. So yeah, it's been kind of tuff to be alone sometimes but luckily i have a good wifi at the apartment so that i can easily call through any app that allows free calls, such as whatsapp, viber and skype. 

I haven't had a lot of time to do any type of sightseeing yet because my working days take so long. Eventhough i came here on friday, meaning that i kinda did have three days to go see some sights, i couldn't do that because i had to spent a lot of time at the apartment or doing other chores. For example when i arrived here around three o'clock last friday the first day was spent pretty much just cleaning up the house and going to the shops so that i could have at least something in the fridge. On saturday then i went to Alexanderplatz because i knew the shops and area through my previous stays in Berlin (and also because it's the closest one from when i live). I went there because i needed to buy some more "house stuff" and other essential things such as tooth brushes, tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, tea towels for the dishes, towels, make up remover pads, some warm socks (bc the floor here is hella cold), plankets and also some slippers to use in the garden area. Also because on sundays the all of the shops are closed i had a bit of a dilemma on sunday and monday morning because i was running out of food (didn't manage to buy enough on friday) and i feel like i have never been so hungry as i was on the following day.

So far work has been quite okay i guess. I mean, there hasn't been that many things to do which makes me sometimes feel kind of useless. I have a lot of things that i would like to get sorted at the house so that i could feel a bit more homey in this city but because of the journey from home to work takes almost an hour it makes my 8 hour long working day almost two hours longer.. I usually wake up at 6:50 or something and then i leave around 8 so that i would arrive at work on time. Work starts then at 9 and ends at 5. During that time i only have a 30 min lunch break, which has been more like 10 to 15 minutes on the previous days because i have had to go to the Lidl near by the office to get something to eat.

Well this turned out to be a really long post, i wasn't expecting that at all. I'm looking forward to the weekend so that i could be a bit more productive around the house and maybe even go to the Mitte area to see different places when we still have daylight (:

- Krista x

perjantai 6. tammikuuta 2017

Two weeks to go

Hey there,

Today is friday the 6th of january, which means there are only two weeks until my Berlin adventure starts. Crazy!!

I can't believe the time has gone so fast and that i will be in Berlin soon.. It feels like it was only yesterday when i contacted the place where i now will be completing my internship, even though that happened in like last october or something. I guess a busy lifestyle might make the days disapear even quicker.

I have been up to all sorts of things during the past few weeks. Our christmas holidays from school started two weeks ago and since then i have been quite busy and i actually think today has been the first day in a while when i feel like i haven't got too many tasks to complete.

Christmas this year went by pretty quickly or that's at least how i feel about it. I celebrated it together with my mom as we do every year. Some might find it strange how just the two of us celebrate x-mas together without any family members but for me it has been that way for so many years, i think since i was like 13 or something, so the idea of that doesn't feel as weird or lonely anymore.

Well then after christmas came the new year celebrations, and let me just tell you how happy i'm about the fact that the horrendous year of 2016 is over. At some point i had a chat about the past year with a friend of mine and we talked about how the year was, not just for me but to other people we know as well, a year of loss and sadness. I mean, i honestly can't think of a year in my life in which i had experienced myself or seen others lose so many loved family members as in 2016.

But enough with the heavy stuff. Let's get a bit more cheery, shall we?

The year of 2017 in my opinion has started pretty well and i feel like i have been pretty productive. I have been working a lot to earn more money for Berlin. The sad part about it is that i will have my last shift on sunday next week. Quitting my job there feels kind of strange since i have been working there for almost two years now and this job has been my first ever long term job. In addition to this, i also happen to have the best co-workers so leaving them behind makes me almost have teary eyes.

Then also, i have already started to do a bit of packing and making notes and lists of things i need to take care of or to take with me. And yep the struggle is real! The idea of trying to fit my whole life into a suitcase makes me hella stressed out, and in this case being an over-packer doesn't really help. Other than that, i even got around buying myself a new laptop, which i really needed, because my old one is like maybe 5 to 6 years old and the amounth of noise it makes.. Gosh i don't even have any words to describe it, it just pretty much drives you nuts.

Anyways, let's just hope 2017 will bring us more joy, feelings of success and happy moments. I don't know about you but at i didn't commit to any new years resulutions, so that i could in one way avoid being a failure this year :P

I will end this post to the pictures i took when i was in Berlin in 2011 and 2014.

Have a happy weekend you all!

- Krista x

tiistai 3. tammikuuta 2017

First post!

Hello everyone,

It feels weird writing a blog post since it has been so many years since i last did this, but it is good to be back anyways!

The reason for me starting this blog is because i will be moving to Berlin in less than a months time (yikes) and i will be spending almost a half of 2017 in there. And nope, i’m not going there just to have fun and have an extremely long holiday and waste all of my money, but instead however, i will be completing my internship in a german travel agency due to my studies at Perho Culinary, Tourism & Business College

On here then, i would like to update you and let you guys know about what's going on with my life while i’m staying in Berlin. I will try to challenge myself and try to blog at least once a week but we will see how that goes.. See, i seem to have the tendency to leave stuff left undone until the last minute and sometimes even later than that.

But even to my own suprise I have already been thinking a bit about the content i would like to share on here as well. I have been thinking about giving tips about the essential things such as things you should keep in mind when moving to another country or getting an apartment and the different ways you can do it. And then also about the “not so important stuff” such as my plans for the weekends etc. So no OOTD’s or what i ate wednessdays on here then, at least for now.

But just heads up on the fact that i’m not too experienced when it comes to this whole  blogging world so the lacks might be there, you will just have to endure🙂

Bye for now
–  Krista x